Tish Mantripp MA Performance Design

Tish Mantripp

Tish Mantripp

MA Performance Design

Tish Mantripp studied performance design at AUB graduating in 2019. In the year before starting at BOVTS she broadened her skillset as a theatre designer/maker creating art installations for festivals, working in prop houses and designing for touring theatre. At BOVTS Tish chose to specialise her training in puppetry, creating puppets for the online production Pied Piper. Previous credits include costume design for Troilus & Cressida and designer for I Hate Alone.





Troilus & Cressida

The Trojan war relocated to the USA with the play now set between two rival high school football teams. The glamour and glorifying of sporting achievement on the football pitch, muddled up with the charged energy of teen love, angst and infatuation.

I Hate Alone

I Hate Alone is a gig with a story, about injustice, revenge and, above all, friendship which sits well within the unapologetically loud, anarchic punk scene. The design was inspired by the idea that the characters Danielle and Chloe had broken into the Wardrobe Theatre, barricading themselves in, reclaiming the space as their own in order to play one final gig in their punk band Disabled Barbie.

The Pied Piper

Puppet designs for the BOVTS online production of The Pied Piper, directed by Liz Felton. These puppets incorporate the use of recycled textiles such as old hessian coffee bean sacks, second-hand denim and damaged knitwear which was repurposed using large visible stitching and patches tapping into Bristol’s working-class roots.

Students developing and growing in confidence during their time here, seeing their work reaching professional standards in approach and execution; a student who intends to be a stage manager producing a wonderful sound design; a first year student making a lovely recording of a song for their recording project; tracking the careers of former students and seeing them be successful; being able to find a job opportunity for a recent graduate. Frank Bradley, Sound Tutor