Max Kyte MA Drama Writing Student

Max Kyte

MA Drama Writing Student


Max is a theatre, screen, and radio writer from Newcastle.¬† His introduction to writing began when adapting short screenplays as a teenager at the BFI Academy.¬† His short play Paperman Patrick¬†was performed at Northern Stage and his short film Stay Indoors¬†was shown as part of the National Youth Theatre’s Front Room Film Festival.

In his final year, Max began work on A Bomb We Called Sam, a full-length play set in the beating heart of his hometown, Newcastle.  When it comes to writing, Max enjoys the juxtaposition of telling grounded stories through the lens of theatricality and stylised dramatic dialogue.

Graduating from BOVTS, Max wishes to continue his writing across all mediums.


I've worked with visiting professionals this year that I never would have even dreamed of working with. It's been an amazing experience. Thomas Donnan, BA Professional Acting Student