Maddie Beautyman Drama Writing MA Student

Maddie Beautyman

Drama Writing MA Student


Maddie writes what she thinks people feel, but don’t talk about enough. Her work strives to utilise all the theatrical elements of the stage, including the audience. She is a proud Scottish female playwright so you will recognise strong female characters and ideas of national identity in her work. Maddie’s writing will take you on a journey through tears and laughter, then spin you round to reveal something familiar yet unexpected.

Maddie is a writer for stage, screen and radio. She is currently working on her play ‘The Predicament of Living’ in preparation for its July 2020 showcase. The play follows a young woman who speaks to us from her family kitchen which now feels too big for two. Remnants of loved ones grace the walls that come to haunt her. She controls the space, transforming it into an autumn day or a solemn Christmas scene as she tells her stories. The environment around her becomes a character, defying her orders, rebelling against her. Exploding, much like her mind.

I’m constantly delighted by the talent, commitment and drive of our students. Their curiosity and joy in the work gives us all energy and keeps me on my toes! My goal is to ensure that their voices serve their acting - both in theatre and recorded media. They need to be able to project, learn accents, respond to a wide variety of texts and have a voice that is healthy and be able to sustain long tours and tough filming schedules. This involves them working extremely hard – but having fun as well. When the new students see the final year students in production for the first time I know they’ll come into class the next day fully understanding the high standard they’re working to achieve. Carol Fairlamb, Head of Voice