Jessica Way BA Production Arts
Headshot of Production Art student

Jessica Way

BA Production Arts


Jessicas love for world-building has led her to specialise in props and scenic art during her final year at BOVTS.  Her aim going forward is to continue re-creating the world as we know it (and as we don’t) on both stage and screen.  Jessicas real fascination is with finishes and texture, complementing her hobby of researching history and popular culture, allowing her to keep an eye on fine details and authenticity.

Jessica has held several Prop Supervisor roles, as well as HOD Art Department and Production Designer positions for Christchurch Studios.  In between these roles, she has had her first two professional commissions from BSA, as well as other creative collaborations across Bristol and completed a placement furthering her skills in costume prop making.

I absolutely love working backstage. It was something I had never done before arriving at BOVTS and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. Madi Barncoat, BA Costume Student