Georgia Koronka Costume Student

Georgia Koronka

Costume Student


Hello! My name is Georgia Koronka, founder of Koronka co. I am a freelance bespoke seamstress and designer with a passion for ethical, sustainable clothing that is well made and well loved. I make or am given all of my clothes in an effort to create a slow, wardrobe full of clothes I actually wear and love.

It’s really important to me that we look after our clothes and love what we wear so to spread this message I have opened myself up to bespoke commissions! If you would like me to make something for you that is made in an ethical working environment (I give myself plenty of tea breaks), using organic or recycled fabric where possible and is also completely and utterly unique, let me know by contacting me using the form on the contact page or by emailing me at [email protected] To see previous commissions and garments I have made for myself, see my instagram account and recent blog posts.

I am currently studying on the FdA Costume Making course at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where in my first year I have learnt the basics of tutu making, corsetry, stretchwear, pattern cutting, millinery, both machine and hand embroidery, hair, makeup, dying and breaking down as well as more complex alterations and construction techniques. Let alone everything to do with running wardrobe, dressing, buying, hiring and an intro to Supervision! Next year we get started on tailoring and more advanced techniques in all the other areas as well as supervising a main in house production all by ourselves. Wish me luck!

I’m constantly delighted by the talent, commitment and drive of our students. Their curiosity and joy in the work gives us all energy and keeps me on my toes! My goal is to ensure that their voices serve their acting - both in theatre and recorded media. They need to be able to project, learn accents, respond to a wide variety of texts and have a voice that is healthy and be able to sustain long tours and tough filming schedules. This involves them working extremely hard – but having fun as well. When the new students see the final year students in production for the first time I know they’ll come into class the next day fully understanding the high standard they’re working to achieve. Carol Fairlamb, Head of Voice