Aude Ponthieux MFA Professional Acting
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Aude Ponthieux

MFA Professional Acting


BOVTS: Cardinal Winchester in Henry VI: Days of Rebellion, W in Lungs, Irina Arkadina in The Seagull, The Countess of Roussillon in All’s Well that Ends Well. Pre BOVTS: Phaedra in Phaedra (Leuze Festival in France, Yelena in Uncle Vanya (Le Tarmac, Paris), Queen Margaret in Henry VI (Theatre de la Cité International), Zlata in Necessary Target (UNCG Theatre), Lucile in When I Reside (Film by Charlotte Neri, La Femis). Training: Professional acting certificate from Ecole de Jeu, Paris. BA in Theatre from University of Rennes II. LAMDA intensive short course.

Training at BOVTS set me up with the skillset, confidence and connections for the career I now have as a freelance theatre designer. Max Johns, MA Performance Design Alumni