Rhianne Good FdA Costume for Theatre, TV & Film

Rhianne Good

Rhianne Good

FdA Costume

Having previously completed an Art and Design FdA, Rhianne is now a graduating costume student; experienced in costume making, supervision, show dressing and costume for film. Demonstrating a particular interest in making historical garments and wearable textile art, she is keen to continue to expand and hone her making skills. Self-driven and passionate about period costume, as well as making costumes for BOVTS productions, Rhianne has undertaken several projects outside of the course including a Robe à la Française and an 18th Century navy uniform. During the course she has undertaken a placement at Bristol Costume Services, where she collaborated with Becky Davies on a regency dress for Sanditon, ITV. Subsequently making for Turn of the Screw at Wilton’s Music Hall. Recent work also includes the costume supervision of Spring Awakening at the Redgrave Theatre.

Maker: Turn of the Screw (Wilton’s Music Hall 2020), Her Naked Skin (Circomedia 2020), While Shepherds Watched (Bristol Tour), The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Bristol Old Vic 2019), Sanditon (BCS, ITV 2019), Orca (Bristol Old Vic 2019)

Costume Supervisor: While Shepherds Watched (Bristol Tour), Pushover (Film Project 2019), Spring Awakening (Redgrave Theatre 2019), Greatest Of The Greatest (Wardrobe Theatre 2019),

Assistant/Dresser: The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Tobacco Factory) The Dissociation of Shirley Mason (Bristol Old Vic 2019), Orca (Bristol Old Vic 2019), Let The Right One In (Circomedia 2019), The Ruff Guide to Shakespeare (Bristol Tour in Education 2019).

Rhianne is available for work from 20th July 2020.




Robe à la Française 

Late 18th century ‘Robe à la Française’ with complete underpinnings: chemise, stays, side-hoops, petticoat, and engageantes.

Royal Navy Uniform

Fully tailored 19th century Royal Navy uniform based on the 1825-1827 pattern.

S-Bend Corset 

Edwardian S-bend corset with lace and ribbon detailing, hip and bust improvers help achieve the ideal Edwardian figure.

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I find it immensely satisfying passing on the baton and continuing the culture of generosity of the many people who taught me. It’s a privilege and pleasure to nurture and teach so many talented young people and see them flourish in their career. Cathy Stewart, Head of Scenic Art