Puppetry Workshops Experience what a career in theatre could be like
Photo of tutor and student making puppets

Puppetry Workshops

Key Information
  • Dates

    12-13th December

  • Suitable for

    Students currently in years 12 and up

  • Location

    Sheene Road Workshops, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 3NR

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Puppetry Workshops

These workshops will be run in line with our COVID restrictions and guidelines. For full details of the School’s current policies, see here.

Have you ever been fascinated by the creation of large scale puppets at festivals or events? Or maybe you have an artistic or imaginative flair that you’d love to use to create for the stage?

If you’re currently studying or have training in Art and Design then these workshops could be perfect for you.

These workshops led by BOVTS tutor Meriel Pym aim to give you an insight into the world of puppetry and how they might be used in events and theatre.

A group of students holding a giant insect puppet made from metal

The creative industries in the UK are booming and there is currently a shortage of skilled professionals to work in these exciting and rewarding roles. These workshops is designed for those in school years 12 and up. They will provide an accessible and fun introduction to working behind the scenes in the theatre.


We’ll be running workshops across Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December. We encourage you to attend both days to get the full experience.

Bookings are now open!

If you have any queries, please contact our Student Recruitment Team, [email protected]

Students developing and growing in confidence during their time here, seeing their work reaching professional standards in approach and execution; a student who intends to be a stage manager producing a wonderful sound design; a first year student making a lovely recording of a song for their recording project; tracking the careers of former students and seeing them be successful; being able to find a job opportunity for a recent graduate. Frank Bradley, Sound Tutor