Madi Barnicoat FdA Costume for Theatre, TV & Film

Madi Barnicoat

Madi Barnicoat

FdA Costume

Madi is graduating from the FdA course and is progressing on to the one year BA top up course.

During her time here she has covered specialist skills such as Dye and Breakdown, Embroidery, Pattern cutting, Millinery, Tailoring, Wig styling, Hair and Makeup; alongside supervising and assisting in a wardrobe department for both film and theatre. During her next year of study she hopes to focus on the detailing on costumes starting from dye and breakdown and to embellishments and embroidery.

During her time at BOVTS she has undertaken placements with companies such as HBO; rdf West and BBC Productions and is due to undertake a work placement at Angels and Sew Curvy.


Dye and Breakdown: Breakdown Trainee – Avenue 5 (HBO – 2019), Breakdown Trainee – Ammonite (BBC Productions – 2019), Breakdown Trainee – Our Lady of Kibeho  (The Royal and Degenerate – 2019); The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Bristol Old Vic Theatre – 2019)

Supervision: Her Naked Skin (Circomedia – 2020), The Canterbury Tales (West Country Tour – 2019)

Costume Maker: The Snow Queen (The Redgrave Theatre – 2019); Earthquakes in London (Bristol Old Vic Theatre Studio – 2019); The Pale Horse (BBC Productions – 2019) The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Bristol Old Vic Theatre – 2019)

Wardrobe Assistant: Wardrobe Trainee The Crystal Maze USA (rdf West – 2019); The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Bristol Old Vic Theatre – 2019); Mrs Beeton Says (The Redgrave Theatre – 2018); The Railway Children (The Redgrave Theatre – 2018); Clybourne Park (Bristol Old Vic Theatre Studio – 2018).




Taffeta, high low 2 piece dress. Using a ‘Pattern magic’ twist front Pattern on a boned, corseted bodice. With an attached circle cape set in the sleeves and across the back; hand embroidered and painted with over 50 individual floral designs. With a separate set of floral wire ‘wings’ inserted and hooked into the back of the bodice, moulded to the actors back. 3 matching floral headdresses made for ‘Summer’ and 2 more ensemble actors for the scene.

‘Summer’ – worn by Kieria Lester, Redgrave Theatre 2019

Designed by Bronia Housman

Lightweight 70s slip dress. This dress was pattern matched and made to fit 2 actors during the show. With a large standing collar and band at the base.

‘Grace’ – worn by Katja Quist and Oliva Edwards (not photographed), Bristol Old Vic Studio 2019

Designed by Angela Davis

Wool Prison Dress with a pleated front. this dress had to rip in 2 places on stage during a fight scene on stage. Supported with stay tape it was sewn with a black basting thread and normal thread by machine every show to give an authentic ripping look due to it being so close to the audience. It was also broken down to look old and worn on both the inside and outside.

‘Florence Boorman’ – worn by Kiera Lester, Circomedia 2020

Designed by Edorado Leli

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