Heidi Broad MA Scenic Art
Photo of scenic artist posing by portrait of old man in robe with beard

Heidi Broad

Heidi Broad

MA Scenic Art

Heidi graduated her Bachelors in Fine Art in 2016. She took her experience of photo-realism, gained at Bauhaus University, to Classical Realism. In 2017 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust to study realism at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Heidi was awarded a scholarship from the school to continue her practice into the intermediate programme and was later awarded Best Figure Drawing of the Year. Heidi’s work is now featured on the Florence Academy of Art website as one of the outstanding students in the class of 2018. Heidi is currently completing her masters in Scenic Art at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She has previous experience producing backdrops for production companies such as Rainbow Valley Theatrical services.


Scenic Artist: (2017) Beauty and the Beast – RVTS. (2018) Commissioned murals – Neath Castell Hotel. (2019) Aladdin and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – RVTS. (2019) Earthquakes in London and Snow Queen – BOVTS. (2020) The Laramie Project and Her Naked Skin – BOVTS.




Close up painting of face of Rembrandt Scenic Art

Close-up of Rembrandt’s self portrait.

Produced in oil paints using a full palette to be enlarged into a scenic painting for stage. For this artwork I wanted to capture the quality of paint on the surface of the canvas, revealing the brush marks and thicker areas of medium applied by Rembrandt. His ability to use hard and soft edges within the light and dark of a composition is something I am captivated by and continue to learn from.

Black and white drawing of Belvedere Torso Scenic Art

Section of the Belvedere Torso produced in Nitram charcoal on Canson paper.

The drawing was completed in the Charles Bargue academic method, paying close attention to the anatomical structure and geometric light impression. The drawing was developed from a series of ten straight lines forming the outer edges of the envelope’s perimeter.

Close up picture of ballet slippers Scenic Art

Detail from the spray project ‘On Pointe’ showing the laces cascading onto the surface of the canvas.

My focus for this piece was to capture the sheene of the ballet slipper alongside the soft blurred effect of the shadows, similar to that of a photograph. The laces were sprayed separately to give a more crisp finish to the outline. This painting was produced solely with a spray gun. Masking off various areas of the composition with newspaper.

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I find it immensely satisfying passing on the baton and continuing the culture of generosity of the many people who taught me. It’s a privilege and pleasure to nurture and teach so many talented young people and see them flourish in their career. Cathy Stewart, Head of Scenic Art