Directors’ Cuts: Tender Napalm A couple share the greatest love story ever told

Directors’ Cuts: Tender Napalm

Wardrobe Theatre

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  • Dates Tue 22 May 2018 - Sat 26 May 2018
  • Location Wardrobe Theatre
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A couple share the greatest love story ever told, but most of it is complete horse$%&#.

The bits of truth that shine through in the stories they tell each other are stained by tragedy, but that’s okay. They love dark places; it’s there that they can find the light.

Image: Cathal Duane

I’m constantly delighted by the talent, commitment and drive of our students. Their curiosity and joy in the work gives us all energy and keeps me on my toes! My goal is to ensure that their voices serve their acting - both in theatre and recorded media. They need to be able to project, learn accents, respond to a wide variety of texts and have a voice that is healthy and be able to sustain long tours and tough filming schedules. This involves them working extremely hard – but having fun as well. When the new students see the final year students in production for the first time I know they’ll come into class the next day fully understanding the high standard they’re working to achieve. Carol Fairlamb, Head of Voice