Edoardo Lelli MA Professional Theatre Design
Various costume designs for Her Naked Skin

Edoardo Lelli

Edoardo Lelli

MA Professional Theatre Design

From Italy and currently living in Bristol, originally trained in architecture at Politecnico di Milano, Edoardo Lelli has designed projects for theatre, opera and fashion with a developed multidisciplinary approach to team relationship and storytelling. Credits include set, props design for Pericles prince of Tyre (Bristol Old Vic – cancelled); performance design for Love Song (The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol – digital performance); a production design proposal for The cunning little vixen (ROH – project) and costume design for Her Naked Skin (Circomedia, Bristol); design for period tailoring projects and La Traviata (BOVTS-project).

Edoardo has also assisted Opera designer Robert Innes Hopkins with costume design for Die Fledermaus (Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, Saint Louis).

He also has got a range of experience in technical drawings, scale model making, 3D modeling and portrait painting.




Model design for The Cunning Little Vixen Model set design by Edoardo Lelli

The Cunning Little Vixen

Set at the Royal Opera House, Edoardo’s design aims to investigate architecture, scene change and moving planes combined with music dynamism. By emphasizing the relationships between man’s world and wild world, youth and old age, this collaboration with Opera Director Daniel Slater led to a concept for a flexible structure sliding on trucks among a natural world made of lights and projections.

Two characters from Her Naked Skin wearing bodices and boots, sat on the floor facing each other Set design by Edoardo Lelli Photography - Ed Felton

Her Naked Skin

Performed at Circomedia in Bristol, the play’s main themes are the women’s suffrage achievements in 1913 and the consequential impact this had on later generations.

With a specific attention for period costume accuracy, Edoardo’s design combines Director Sarah Bedi’s and Set Designer Benjamin Thapa’s visions of a contemporary Metha-Theatre piece with the author’s gender discrimination topics in the Edwardian era. The high dynamism included in Her Naked Skin performance set up the rules for a mostly flexible costume design in order to facilitate actors’ role change on and off stage.

Set design for Pericles, two figures sitting on sand with flaming torches nearby Set design by Edoardo Lelli

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Responding to the architecture of the Weston Studio space at the Bristol Old Vic, in collaboration with Director Andrew Hilton, Edoardo designed a set of Mediterranean inspiration that could give the audience an immersive feeling within the performance space. From the large thrust floor defining the main performing area, to the muslin drape on a pulley system, the overall design responds to quick transitions in the play by providing actors with a simple space to move in and change the space with lighting and props.

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Working relationships made at BOVTS often extend beyond the course, design commission rates are excellent, it’s fantastic to see the graduates embracing successful and rewarding careers as Performance Designers in a professional environment. Angela Davies, Head of Performance Design