Bea Wilson MA Professional Theatre Design
Model set design of medical figures round a table

Bea Wilson

Bea Wilson

MA Professional Theatre Design

Bea is a designer of spaces and experiences for stage, space and screen based in London and Bristol. She previously trained in Experience Design at the Royal College of Art and is passionate about creating atmospheric spaces aimed to provoke, bring audiences together and story tell. Recent design credits include To Provide All People (Bristol Arts Channel), 62 Sperm Whales (Bristol Arts Channel), But Still Michael Grew(BOVTS Digital) and costume design for The Laramie Project (Bristol Old Vic). Recent assisting work includes working with Ti Green on Bartholomew Fair (Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, The Globe) and Max Johns on Buggy Baby (The Yard Theatre). Alongside production design Bea has worked across a wide range of design specialisms professionally including in the art department for film on Love Sarah, (Femme Films), event design and art direction for Amplify, prop making at Souvenir Studios and live music stage design assisting with Studio Lune (The Brits) and at Greenman Festival.




Model of figurines around a circular table with white light shining upon them

Season Design for the ‘New Plays in Rep’ Season at the Bristol Old Vic Weston Studio.

Production Design for To Provide All People written by Owen Sheers and directed by George Mann and Production and costume design for 62 Sperm Whales written by Skot Wilson and directed by Jenny Stephens and Evan Lordan at the Bristol Old Vic Weston Studio as part of the Season.

For the design of To Provide All People, Bea drew on the rich emotional and philosophical story of the NHS described in Owen Sheer’s poem to create a design with a revolve and a circular light screen allowing for movement and light to take centre stage. Working closely with director George they dreamt up a dramatic and beautiful set that emphasised the importance of the idea of the NHS referring to the layers of meaning embedded in its journey from birth to death, from dawn until dusk.

Angels surrounding a hate preacher from The Laramie Project Photography - Mark Dawson

‘Angels’, The Laramie Project, Costume Design
Production photograph by Benjamin Thapa

Costume Design for The Laramie Project written by Moises Kaufman and directed by Nancy Medina at the Bristol Old Vic Weston Studio.

Bea’s designs for the angel protest during The Laramie Project aimed to create a powerful and visually arresting moment.  The costumes allowed for the actors to physically protest using their extendable ‘wings’ whilst allowing for a fluid mesmeric movement, inspired by the costumes of the dancer Louie Fuller.


Model set design for Salome

‘Salome’, Salome, Production and Costume Design
1:50 Model Photograph

Production and costume design for the opera Salome at the Royal Opera House composed by Richard Strauss and directed by Daniel Slater.

In collaboration with Daniel Slater, this version of Salome takes place at the turn of the 19th century in Vienna and draws on Freud’s psychological theories of the subconscious.  The lavish peacock room inspired banquet lifts up dramatically to reveal the underground world of Jochanaan where Salome relives memories from her past.  The surrounding walls of fog and atmospheric skies become heavier as the story is revealed.

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Working relationships made at BOVTS often extend beyond the course, design commission rates are excellent, it’s fantastic to see the graduates embracing successful and rewarding careers as Performance Designers in a professional environment. Angela Davies, Head of Performance Design