Maggie Steed Acting

Maggie Steed



Maggie graduated from Professional Acting in 1960s and has gone on to have a long and successful career on both stage and screen.

In 2017 Maggie joined the cast of Eastenders, and most recently appeared in Paddington 2, Fisherman’s Friends, Fisherman’s Friends: One and All, and Ten Percent.ย 

Steed was also active in the Campaign Against Racism in the Media. She appeared in an edition of the BBC’s Open Door series on 1 March 1979 (with Stuart Hall) entitled “It Ain’t Half Racist, Mum”, criticising British television’s discussion and representation of immigration and racial stereotypes.[2]

She helped write and perform in the comedy benefit concert An Evening for Nicaragua, at the Shaftesbury Theatre, which was shown on British television in 1983.

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