Ali Campbell MA Scenic Art

Ali Campbell

Ali Campbell

MA Scenic Art

London-based Illustrator, Ali Campbell, had an early interest in art and left school at seventeen choosing a National Diploma in Art and Design. He then studied Illustration at Kingston University graduating in 2006 and has lived in London working as an illustrator ever since. He is a current MA Scenic Art student at BOVTS.

As an illustrator and artist, Ali worked on a variety of commercial and personal projects in London. From around 2011, he began painting larger pieces of personal work that quickly progressed into large scale murals for bars and nightclubs, this evolved into a variety of commercial work.

In recent years, Ali has become involved with more and more television work. However he wanted to gain the skills needed for a career painting for Theatre, Film, Television and the many other possibilities there are.

I find it immensely satisfying passing on the baton and continuing the culture of generosity of the many people who taught me. It’s a privilege and pleasure to nurture and teach so many talented young people and see them flourish in their career. Cathy Stewart, Head of Scenic Art