Three Year BA (Hons) in Professional Acting (UK/EU)

Please note: for 2018 we will be holding preliminary auditions in Belfast, Leeds, and Glasgow.

Please see this page for further details on Belfast auditions

Please see this page for further details on Leeds auditions

Details of the Glasgow auditions will appear shortly.

We want our actors to enter the profession confident that they can excel in any of the main areas of the business, from classical plays and modern classics to television, film, radio and musicals. To this end we develop their voices and their speech, their bodies and their movement, their creativity and their knowledge of the techniques of acting.

We are delighted to announce that we continue to be granted a scholarship from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. The scholarship will pay the full course fees for three years for one student on the BA (Hons) in Professional Acting course.

The CDD are now able to offer a number of free audition places across the Conservatoire schools. Places are offered on a first come basis and interested applicants must meet specific criteria. Please check the CDD website for further details on this page.

“All applications are made direct to the Theatre School NOT THROUGH UCAS. ”

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Applications will open at 9am on the 1st of October 2017 and will close at 4pm on Wednesday 28th of February 2018

Course Outline

Year 1

During the first year of the course Students are trained in Voice, Dialect, Vocal Exploration, Interpretation of Text; Actor’s Movement, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Period Dance, Musical Theatre, Stage Combat, Acting Technique, Text Study, Singing, Improvisation, Clown, Audition Practice, Radio Drama and Microphone Technique, Television and Camera Technique.

A typical day will start at 8.45 am with a physical and vocal limber, move on to three basics classes in the morning, say Voice, Movement and Acting, and continue in the afternoon with developmental classes, perhaps work on rehearsing scenes from a play (Text Interpretation) or Vocal Exploration, Stage Combat or Improvisation.

Text Interpretation exercises consist typically of selected scenes from plays of a given historical period (Elizabethan, Restoration, 19th century, Modern, etc.). These are rehearsed for about eight hours per week over a period of five weeks and then shown to an audience of staff.

Year 2

The second year is developed around three touring shows - a nativity play for primary schools, an edited Classic which plays to junior and lower secondary schools and a tour of the West Country playing to mainly adult audiences.

This year is also used to further develop acting-to-camera and microphone skills.

Year 3

The final year consists mainly of production work. Each actor is cast in one, main-house production per term and their work for this will be balanced by the preparation of show reels and voice-reels for their launch and, wherever possible, by continuing class work.

During the year the actors are interviewed/auditioned by upwards of eighteen top agents and casting directors who give notes on their work and advice on their futures. In March, they all take part in a showcase performance of audition material at a West End venue.

It is our aim that, at the end of the course, each actor should have achieved representation by an agency of integrity and reputation to enable them to launch themselves confidently into the profession.

Audition Process

We currently operate a two stage process for admission. The first is a 15 minute preliminary audition, if you are successful you will be required to come back for a recall workshop. Preliminary auditions are normally held between November and April. Recalls are normally held between January and June. Details are below;

Each preliminary audition lasts for roughly fifteen minutes

At your audition, you will be required to present:

  • - A speech from a classical English play (written before 1800 - Elizabethan, Jacobean, Restoration or Eighteenth Century – Shakespeare is always appropriate).
  • - A piece in prose from a modern play (written in the 20th or 21st Centuries).
  • - A short, unaccompanied song – we suggest avoiding contemporary pop songs.
  • On top of this you will be given;
  • - A short piece of Sight Reading prose – to be provided when you arrive, therefore you may wish to arrive earlier to prepare for this.

Each piece should last no longer than 2 minutes; if you exceed this time limit you will be stopped. For the song, you may wish to perform a verse and chorus from your chosen piece.

If you are successful you will be asked to come back for a recall workshop, which is an all day workshop from 9am - 6pm.

The workshops are held on a different date than your preliminary audition, therefore you will have to prepare to come back to the school at a later date for the workshop.

Please note that we are unable to offer feedback on audition or interview

Offline Applications

Please contact:The Admissions Office, 1-2 Downside Road, Bristol BS8 2XF.

Tel: 0117 973 3535.


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